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Larnaca (Greek: Λαρνακα - Larnaka) is a city on the South coast of Cyprus, and home to the island's main international airport (Larnaca International Airport) which lies just to the South of the city. As well as containing the airport, Larnaca is also an important tourist resort and contains a large commercial seaport.

As of 2001, Larnaca's population was approximately 72,000. Larnaca is the capital of the Larnaca district, and the third largest city (after Nicosia and Limassol) in Cyprus.

Key Facts about Larnaca

Here are some facts about Larnaca:
  1. Larnaca is a city on the South coast of Cyprus.

  2. As of 2001, Larnaca had a population of approximately 72,000, making it the island's third largest city (after Nicosia and Limassol).

  3. Larnaca is home to the main international airport in Cyprus, Larnaca International Airport.

  4. The name Larnaca is probably derived from the word "larnakes", which means "sarcophagoi" - more than 3,000 sarcophagoi were found in the area in the 19th century.

  5. Larnaca has a very ancient past - dating back to around the 13th century BCE, when the city-kingdom of Kition (also known as "Citium") was established on the site. Remains of this past have been found at archaeological sites in the area.

  6. In the area of Larnaca, just to the West, are the Larnaca Salt Lakes (Greek: Αλυκη Λαρνακαξ; Turkish: Larnaka Tuz Gölü). These are a complex of four interconnected salt lakes (Aliki, Orphani, oros and Spiro) which fills with water during the Winter months, and is habitat for many birds, including flamingoes.

    • On the bank is the Hala Sultan Tekke, also known as Mosque of Umm Haram. This is one of the holiest sites in Ottoman Islam, and houses the tomb of Umm Haram (Turkish: Hala Sultan), the Prophet Muhammad's "wet-nurse".

    • A Christian legend tells that the lake's saltiness from an incident involving Saint Lazarus (Lazarus of Bethany). According to the legend, Saint Lazarus asked an old woman for food and drink, but the old woman refused claiming her vines had dried up. Saint Lazarus supposedly replied "may your vines be dry and be a salt lake forever more".

  7. The Church of Saint Lazarus is a prominent building in Larnaca. It is a Greek Orthodox Church and dates back to the late 9th century, and which contains the tomb of Saint Lazarus.

Attractions and Places of Interest in Larnaca

Attractions and places of interest in Larnaca include:

Weather in Larnaca

The climate in Larnaca is classified as Mediterranean, or dry-summer subtropical.

For current weather information, we recommend:

Comments about Larnaca

Please share your comments about Larnaca, Cyprus:


Books about Larnaca

Here are some books about Larnaca:

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Larnaca Vacation Journal: Blank Lined Larnaca Travel Journal/Notebook/Diary Gift Idea for People Who Love to Travel

By Ralph Prince

Independently published
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Document & Display Where You Are, Where You’ve Been & Where You’re Going!

Whether you live, study or simply travel abroad, our Larnaca Vacation Journal is the most exciting and eye-catching way to keep all your travel plans and memories in one place!

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Larnaca By A Native: A Larnacean's Guide to the Most Exotic City in Cyprus

By Antonis Tsagaris

Released: 2020-01-31
Kindle Edition

Larnaca By A Native: A Larnacean s Guide to the Most Exotic City in Cyprus
Product Description:

NOTE: This title is currently on pre-order. Take advantage of the 30% pre-order period discount until January 31st, 2020!

Tired of unexciting, cookie-cutter travel guides, written by people with no connection to the place they are writing about?

In this hilarious and highly-informative tome, a born-and-bred Larnacean will show you how the locals do it: where they eat, drink, swim and go hiking.

Find out the name of that hip new bar that opened last month. Have dinner at the restaurants the locals dine in instead of being surrounded by other tourists gobbling down last week's mousakka.

Filled to the brim with hot tips and hot takes, this is not a guide you want to miss. Among other things, you'll learn

• how to get around town
• where the most breathtaking views are and when to visit them
• what's the best time of the year to visit Larnaca
• why you should avoid taxi drivers at all costs—and I don't just mean the ones that look like Robert de Niro
• speaking of de Niro, why you should definitely not visit De Niro, the pub
• how to best distract the hundreds of hungry feral cats haunting the Halan Sultan Tekke, so that you can escape unscathed with your life

...and many more.

Get off the beaten path and discover one of the best-kept secrets in the world, Larnaca: the most exotic and fascinating city in Cyprus!

Larnaca: ORAMA.CY22

Orama. Nakas Thomas

Larnaca: ORAMA.CY22
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Photographs of Larnaca, Cyprus : The Peaceful Beach Town with a War-strung Dark History (Best of Europe Photography)

By Hannah Spadafora

Released: 2013-05-29
Kindle Edition

Photographs of Larnaca, Cyprus : The Peaceful Beach Town with a War-strung Dark History (Best of Europe Photography)
Product Description:
Larnaca, Cyprus is a beach town with an atmosphere that makes one want to chill back. It is also a city which has historically been a post for various wars and occupations by at least a few different conquering groups and occupying religious sects. The structures left behind stand now in tribute to this history, some open as museums which only hint at the tumultuous history.

Disregarding the history though, the beauty of the natural beach setting and the now-calm buildings, gives Larnaca a laid back character when one is visiting.

This collection of photos is, as always, meant to encourage the viewer to visit, explore, and investigate this amazing city! Hope you enjoy this book and your future travels!

Larnaca (Cyprus) 1:7,500 Street Map & Region 1:100,000

By Orama Cyprus

Orama Cyprus
Map (2 pages)

Larnaca (Cyprus) 1:7,500 Street Map & Region 1:100,000
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Product Description:
Larnaca (Cyprus) 1:7,500 Street Map & Region 1:100,000

Large, double sided map features a street plan of Larnaca plus bilingual (Greek / English) guide on one side and a detailed regional map at scale 1:100,000 on reverse. The regional map is indexed and good even for cycling: 1 inch = 1.58 miles. Place and street names are in both Greek and Latin script. Map legend is multilingual including English. Authentic Greek cartography, hard cover.


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